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Maersk’s decision fears Ethiopia and Djibouti

Ethiopia and Djibouti are denouncing Maersk Line’s decision to impose an additional unloading fee on import containers at Djibouti ports.

Recently the world’s largest container shipping company announced they would apply the so called ‘Recovery for Handling Imports (RHI)’ on containerized cargos coming into the Djibouti, ports starting February 1. Djibouti is the main gateway for Ethiopian logistics.

Logistics experts in both Djibouti and Ethiopia strongly oppose the company’s decision because in addition to affecting Djibouti’s port activity, it could significantly increase the cost of goods coming into Ethiopia.
Sources at the Djibouti Ports and Free Zones Authority, the higher body following the port and free zone operation in Djibouti, told Capital that the Authority has expressed their concerns to Maersk.

They explained that the ports in Djibouti had not changed any tariffs for carriers. “The increase from Maersk is unreasonable because no ports in Djibouti have raised their prices,” he said.

“The charges for carriers were set over a decade ago, which is when the container terminal began operating. There has not been any change in fees for operators at the port since that time. We fail to understand why the new fee for incoming cargo to Djibouti was imposed,” the spokesperson complained.

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