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Maersk closes gap on Lego

Following on from some encouraging financial results, Maersk has rocketed up the Brand Finance rankings for Denmark, jumping four places from sixth to number two to trail only Lego, which itself recently released some improved interims.

Nevertheless, the toy maker saw the value of its brand value fall by 9 percent to 43.4 billion kroner, and should Maersk continue on a trajectory that saw its brand value surge by 45 percent to 28.6 billion kroner, the rankings could have a new leader next year.

The top ten in Denmark were Lego, Maersk, Arla, Danske Bank, Pandora, Vestas, ISS, Novo Nordisk, DSV and Carlsberg.

Read more at http://cphpost.dk/news/business/maersk-closes-gap-on-lego-as-denmarks-most-valuable-brand.html.

Source: Copenhagen Post


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