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Kobe’s container throughput falls in Q1

Accumulated container lifting at the Port of Kobe in the first three months (January-March) of 2019 (on a preliminary basis) shrank from a year earlier, going down 3.1% to 711,207 TEUs. However, oceangoing containers managed to improve a minute 0.7% to 547,859 TEUs. In breakdown, exports grew 0.4% to 296,078 TEUs, while imports also increased year on year, hiking 1% to 251,781 TEUs. 

In contrast, domestic containers incurred a double-digit contraction of 13.7%, amounting to 163,348 TEUs. More specifically, 70,037 TEUs were moved from Kobe, down 9.5%, and containers carried to the port decreased more severely, plunging 16.7% to 93,312 TEUs. 

In March alone, throughput declined 6.8% to 253,461 TEUs. International containers accounted for 197,944 TEUs, down 1.6%, consisting of 107,896 TEUs of exports, down 3.3%, and 90,048 TEUs of imports, up 0.6%. Shipments to and from other domestic ports plummeted 21.6% to 55,517 TEUs, of which 23,832 TEUs were shipped out of Kobe, down 13.5%, and 31,685 TEUs to the port, down 26.7%.


Source: JIFFA


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