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India: Vegetables on fire, prices skyrocket

New Delhi: Vegetable prices have risen 25%- 40% in the past week in western and southern India because of heavy rainfall in the region that has damaged crops and disrupted transportation.

Traders in Mumbai, Belgaum and Indore said vegetable prices are likely to remain high until the next harvest in about two months. However, in north India, vegetable prices have not increased since supply is unaffected.

The price increase was also attributed to demand for Eid festivity, said traders.

Seasonal green vegetables such as bottle gourd, cabbage, beans, capsicum and carrots have taken a hit due to the rains, said Kailash Tajne, president of the Vashi Agricultural Produce Market Committee, who added that vegetables have been sold for 25-50% more than the usual price for the past eight days.

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Source: The Economic Times


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