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Houston port restrictions to continue

The Houston Ship Channel could remain under one-way travel restrictions all week following a collision between a deep-draft ship and a barge that spilled petrochemicals into the waterway, according to an official.

About 9,000 barrels of gasoline spilled into the channel near Bayport, Texas, when a 755-foot (230-m) tanker collided with a Kirby Inland Marine tugboat towing two barges containing the fuel. One barge ruptured and the other capsized.

The U.S. Coast Guard limited travel to one-way traffic because barges blocked part of the channel. The 53-mile (85-km) waterway connects Houston to the Gulf of Mexico and is home to nine oil refineries that process 12% of the national total.

Kirby Corp shares fell 4.2 percent on Monday.

No injuries were reported from the collision. The efforts to offload fuel from the barges and remove them from the channel could extend into the weekend, said J.J. Plunkett, port agent for the Houston Pilots, which guides ships through the channel.

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Source: Reuters


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