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Honda to deploy barges for transport to North Sea Port

Honda Motor Europe Logistics in Ghent intends to deploy barges for the transport of its parts and final products. From Tuesday 11 June, Honda will begin transporting containers from the port of Antwerp to North Sea Port via inland shipping.

By doing so, the car manufacturer is investing in ‘green’ transport. North Sea Port encourages businesses to invest in sustainability wherever possible. The modal shift – a focus on less transport by road and more transport via inland shipping, rail or pipelines – is a vital aspect of these efforts.

Over 1,400 containers

At least 1,420 containers arriving from countries such as Japan, Thailand, the USA, Mexico and China reach their final destination in North Sea Port via inland shipping each year. Honda’s altered flow involves the delivery of motorcycles, power products and replacement parts.

Reduction in CO2

Arranging delivery of goods by barge serves to decrease the number of truck movements, which will in turn result in the reduction of CO2 emissions by over 14 tons annually.


Source: North Sea Port


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