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Hapag-Lloyd marks milestone with “Sajir” LNG conversion

Hapag-Lloyd has scheduled to convert its first large container vessel in the second quarter of 2020. The 15,000 TEU container ship, “Sajir” will be the converted container ship.

The German shipping company believes that the conversion is a pilot project for the entire industry.

Hapag-Lloyd expects to gather experience from the conversion of “Sajir”, which will pay off when the company is considering buying new vessels. Germans will also gain valuable operational experience.

In case of the successful conversion of “Sajir”, Hapag-Lloyd is willing to retrofit another 16 LNG-ready vessels.  Hapag-Lloyd’s A15 and A18 class vessels were built “LNG-Ready” in line with DNVGL regulations.

“LNG might be a solution for the mid-term future as it not only has lower Sulphur content but also reduces CO2 as well as other emissions” Hapag-Lloyd says.


Source: Hapag-Lloyd


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