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Giant container ship “Ever Given” rammed small ferry

In Hamburg, it came on Saturday (Feb. 9) morning on the Elbe to a ship collision. The 400-meter-long freighter “Ever Given” drove against a HADAG ferry, which lay at the pier Blankenese.

The reason for the collision said the police in the early evening, they suspect that the storm has pushed the container freighter to the side. First of all, there was talk of a “blackout” of the ship’s engine as a possible cause of the accident, which would have affected the steering gear as well. The police are no longer able to handle this.

Crew members suffered shock

The freighter, which was heading towards the mouth of the Elbe, got off course and headed for the ferry terminal in Blankenese. There was at that time the 25 meter long HADAG ferry “Finkenwerder”. The container ship rammed the small ferry and then continued the journey. On the “Finkenwerder” were three crew members, but no passengers on board. The crew escaped with horror. The captain was taken as a precaution in a hospital, two other crew members were in shock, said the police.

Read more at: https://www.ndr.de/nachrichten/hamburg/Blankenese-Frachter-rammt-Faehre-auf-der-Elbe,schiffskollision212.html


Source: NRD.de

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