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COSCO giant vessel calls Port Tampa Bay

On Tuesday Jan. 29, one of the world’s largest shipping container companies docked its cargo ship, the M/V PIRAEUS, in Port Tampa Bay. It is now one of the largest ships to ever dock in the port.

The cargo ship is the result of a deal many years in the making between the port and Cosco Shipping Lines. It allows a new and faster way for companies to import and export goods across the world.

“This open a direct Asian service, a shipping call, [allows us] to be able to serve the I-4 corridor and the 8.5 million people that live in that I-4 corridor,” said Paul Anderson, the president and CEO of Port Tampa Bay.

Loaded with everything from furniture to food, the ship begins its journey in Shanghai, China. After a 31-day cruise across the Pacific and through the Panama Canal, it arrives in Tampa. The containers are then loaded onto trucks and sent to nearby distribution centers.

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Source: Fox13 News