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COSCO’s member opens head office in Rotterdam

COSCO SHIPPING Specialized, one of the core members of China’s COSCO SHIPPING Corporation, on Thursday, May 16, opened its European regional head office in Rotterdam, Europe’s largest port.

“The start up of this company is one of our method to provide integral total solutions to specialized shipping and related industries,” said Guo Jing, vice-CEO of COSCO SHIPPING EUROPE.

“COSCO SHIPPING has contributed for a long time to the sustainable development of Rotterdam, Netherlands and the entire Europe, by serving the infrastructure companies, manufacturers, import/export trading companies and EPC companies and projects,” he said.

“We are now giving birth to this new company, not only serving Chinese companies or Asian interests, but putting more focus and emphasis on European clients,” he said. “This new company is now investing more in the development of Trans-Atlantic voyages and Intra-Europe sailings.”

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Source: Xinhua


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