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Containers in Taiwan remain unchanged

The combined volume of containerized shipments processed at Taiwan’s four major ports nearly unchanged from a year earlier in the first nine months (January-September) of 2019, decreasing a minute 0.1% from 11,394,062 TEUs to 11,392,442 TEUs, according to the state’s Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC).

By port, container throughput was favorable at Kaohsiung, the busiest trade port in Taiwan, which improved 0.16% to 7,790,660 TEUs. Taichung performed even better, handling 1,326,828 TEUs, up 2.78%. In contrast, containers to and from Keelung and Taipei were not, going down 1.86% to 1,211,218 TEUs and down 2.5% to 1,063,730 TEUs, respectively.

Source: JIFFA