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Containers to/from Kobe decrease in H1

The Port of Kobe handled a total of 1,431,468 TEUs of containers in the first half (January-June) of 2019, down 4% from a year earlier, according to the city of Kobe’s Port and Harbour Bureau.

International shipments amounted to 1,101,875 TEUs, down 1.2%, consisting of 593,980 TEUs of exports, down 2.1%, and 507,895 TEUs of imports, down 0.1%. Domestic containers accounted for the balance of 329,593 TEUs, down 12.3%. Those shipped from Kobe totaled 141,263 TEUs, down 9.3%, and those to the port, 188,330 TEUs, down 14.5%.

In June alone, 233,770 TEUs were moved to and from Kobe, down 5.2%. Containers to and from other economies totaled 184,372 TEUs, down 0.6%, which comprised 103,529 TEUs of exports, down 2.4%, and 80,843 TEUs of imports, up 1.7%. The remaining 49,398 TEUs were those to and from other domestic ports, down 19.2%. Containers carried from Kobe numbered 23,467 TEUs, down 7.2%, while those moved to the port came to 25,930 TEUs, down 27.6%.


Source: JIFFA


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