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Container re-export causes issues in Manila

Truckers and customs brokers called on the government to enforce the rules on re-exporting empty containers as an urgent measure to address congestion in the Port of Manila, with stakeholders claiming that port utilization is already at 100%.

The Alliance of Philippine Customs Brokers and Trucking Associations (APBTA) held a news conference on Monday, Feb. 18, over the proposed joint administrative order (JAO) by the Department of Finance (DoF), Department of Transportation (DoTr), and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), which they said may be helpful in the long term but will not immediately address current port congestion issues.

The JAO, due to be issued later this month, is considered a “long term” solution by regulating charges imposed by international shipping lines, the APBTA said, adding that urgent measures are needed to ensure the free movement of trade goods.

“The JAO addresses long-term issues. For the short term what are the solutions? Actually our ports are now 100% utilized… if we wait for the JAO, it will take time,” said Professional Customs Brokers’ Association of the Phils. Inc. (PCBAPI) President Rey T. Soliman, who also chairs the Port Truckers, Customs Brokers Consumers Cooperative (PTCBCC), at the briefing on Monday, Feb. 18.

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Source: Business World Online