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Container quay completed at Stockholm Norvik Port

Construction of the 450-metre container quay has been completed at Stockholm Norvik Port. This means that a major milestone has been achieved in the unique construction of Sweden’s new freight port.

The contours of Stockholm Norvik Port can now be seen, and the new functionality is emerging. Construction of the container quay is completed and out on the quay crane tracks are being laid, bollards are being fitted and guardrails, barriers and fenders are being installed.

“With less than a year to go before opening, the work to complete Stockholm Norvik Port is happening incredibly rapidly. If you want to see this unique construction before it is ready you will have to be quick,” says Magnus Sjöberg, Project Manager at Ports of Stockholm.

Stockholm Norvik Port is Sweden’s newest freight port, with both a RoRo port and a container terminal. The container terminal has a natural depth of 16.5 meters and the length of quay and terminal area needed to be able to handle the largest vessels operating in the Baltic Sea. The location of the port, with its short approaches from the fairways, good connections to major roads and rail connections, and its proximity to one of Europe’s most rapidly growing capital regions, make Stockholm Norvik Port a new, efficient and sustainable transport hub.

“There is a lot of work going on simultaneously in the construction of Stockholm Norvik Port. The rail track is being laid and surface water management facilities are being constructed, but for those of us working with shipping the completion of the container quay is an incredibly important milestone,” says Johan Wallén, Marketing and Sales Director at Ports of Stockholm.


Source: Ports of Stockholm


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