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Companies must open up yard for empty containers

Philippines – Shipping companies have been directed to open up container yards that will be utilized as depot for empty containers amid clamor from truckers over port congestion.

Customs Commissioner Rey Leonardo Guerrero said on Monday (Nov. 19) he had required shipping lines to open up container yards for empty containers. He also directed the transfer of empty containers to inland container yards.

He said that during the time of former Customs Commissioner Isidro Lapeña, “there were talks about solution on the congestion caused by empty containers.”

One of these was the measure to limit the allowable stay of the containers inside the yard from 120 days to 90 days to free up space on the port container yards.

In October this year, when confronted with port congestion at the Manila International Container Port, Lapeña approved two container yard outside Metro Manila which can already be utilized to deposit empty containers.

The approved container yards were the Pacific Road Link Company in Angat, Bulacan and Laguna Gateway.

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Source: Manila Bulletin News

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