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Home News CMA CGM partners with automobile giants on electric van venture

CMA CGM partners with automobile giants on electric van venture

CMA CGM Group announced its participation as a founding member of the innovative electric van venture, Flexis SAS, alongside Renault Group and Volvo.

The partnership unveiled on 22 March marks a significant step towards sustainable transportation solutions.

Through its energy investment fund, PULSE, CMA CGM has secured a 10% ownership stake in Flexis SAS. Additionally, the company expresses keen interest in making strategic investments of up to US$130 million by 2026.

Established by Rodolphe Saadé in 2022, CMA CGM Group's Energy Fund PULSE is committed to allocating US$1.6 billion towards decarbonizing the logistics value chain. The fund targets direct and indirect investments in innovative companies and sustainable industrial projects.

Volvo Group and Renault Group, each holding a 45% stake in Flexis SAS, aim to invest US$325 million collectively over the next three years.

Emerging market demands for electrified vans are being driven by increasing pressures from climate change and CO2 regulations, alongside the rapid expansion of e-commerce and logistics sectors. Projections suggest that the European market for electrified vans will experience a 40% annual growth rate until 2030.

In response to this evolving landscape, Volvo Group, Renault Group, and CMA CGM Group have joined forces to establish Flexis SAS, aiming to spearhead the decarbonization efforts within the transport and logistics industries.

Flexis SAS represents a dynamic coalition of three leading companies embracing a startup mindset. Leveraging the industrial expertise of esteemed automotive manufacturers and the logistical expertise of a prominent player in automotive logistics, Flexis is uniquely positioned to drive forward this transformation.

Each of the partnering companies brings distinct strengths to the table:

  • Renault Group boasts expertise in electric vehicles, software development, and light commercial vehicle manufacturing.
  • Volvo Group excels in transport solutions, offering tailored services, maximizing uptime, and enhancing productivity.
  • CMA CGM Group is renowned for its leadership in logistics, particularly within the automotive sector, and its pioneering efforts in supply chain decarbonization.

Utilizing a novel fully electric LCV skateboard platform, the forthcoming vehicles will offer exceptional modularity to accommodate various body types, all at a competitive price point, while setting new benchmarks for safety standards.

By embracing the cutting-edge connected electronic platform, these vehicles will introduce unprecedented functionalities to track users' delivery activities and business performance, potentially reducing logistic players' overall operating costs by up to 30%.

Furthermore, the integration of software-defined vehicle technology will enable customers to access updated vehicle features throughout the entire lifecycle. With remarkable urban mobility capabilities and versatile configurations accommodating different battery capacities, these vans will also pioneer the market with the introduction of the first-ever 800V architecture in this vehicle category.

Also, manufacturing of these vehicles will take place at Renault Group's Sandouville plant, renowned for its expertise in LCV manufacturing. This initiative will lead to the recruitment of 550 new employees over the next four years.

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