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Home News CLdN secures full ownership of Broekman Distriport Real Estate

CLdN secures full ownership of Broekman Distriport Real Estate

CLdN has announced the complete acquisition of Broekman Distriport Real Estate BV and its subsidiary, Broekman Distriport BV, securing 100% ownership of both entities.

This strategic move presents opportunities for CLdN to expand and diversify its range of services to and from the port of Rotterdam.

Simultaneously, Broekman Logistics has disclosed investments in its Project Services terminal at Rotterdam-Heijplaat. The terminal will transform into a quayside facility specialized in assembly and technical services for industrial and offshore equipment and heavy machinery.

By acquiring the Distriport terminal, CLdN consolidates its presence in Rotterdam. Situated on a 220,000 square meters plot adjacent to Brittanniëhaven, Distriport complements CLdN's terminal infrastructure.

Notably, Distriport boasts 630 meters of quayside dedicated to roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) and load-on/load-off (LoLo) vessels, along with container handling and storage capabilities.

"The acquisition of Distriport fits perfectly with CLdN's strategy of investing in high-quality port infrastructure. It will enable us to build on our network of services in and out of Rotterdam and to provide additional benefits for existing and new customers," stated Florent Maes, CEO of CLdN.

For Broekman Logistics, this acquisition marks the progression toward fulfilling its strategic objectives outlined at the close of 2023. The company's strategic focus remains on becoming a comprehensive end-to-end supply chain expert across three key market segments: Machinery, Industrial, and Chemicals. This strategic direction diverges from the operations of the Distriport multipurpose terminal, which, in addition to handling RoRo trailers, also manages steel and containers.

"While Distriport has a clear strategic fit with CLdN's activities, it is less assigned with Broekman Logistics'  strategic focus on being an industry specialist in Machinery, Industrial and Chemicals. The Distriport terminal has been very dear to us. Nonetheless, we are confident that all 80 colleagues will continue to have a good future with CLdN," commented to Rik Pek, CEO of Broekman Logistics.

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