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Box volumes in China grow in Sept

Container movement to and from ports in China remained brisk in September, which handled 22.79 million TEUs in total, up 5% year on year, according to the nation’s Ministry of Transport (MOT). Throughput increased at both coastal and inland river ports, which improved 4.8% to 20.21 million TEUs and 5.3% to 2.56 million TEUs, respectively.

In the first nine months (January-September), a total of 195.18 million TEUs were moved to and from China, up 4.8%. In breakdown, coastal ports processed 172.99 million TEUs, up 4.3%, while throughput was more favorable at inland river ports, which swelled 9.6% to 22.19 million TEUs.

In January-September, growth in container lifting was greatest at the Port of Qingdao, which enjoyed an increase of 9.4%, and it was followed by Tianjin, to and from which containers hiked 8%. In contrast, performances were poor at Yingkou and Dalian, where container throughput plunged 12.8% and 12%, respectively. Containers to and from Shanghai, meanwhile, was steady, climbing 4.8% to 3.285 million TEUs and helping the port defend its title as the world’s busiest container port.


Source: JIFFA