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Asia-to-US box traffic grows in April

Container exports to the U.S. from 10 major countries and regions in Asia grew 2.2% to a total of 1,262,770 TEUs in April, enjoying a year-on-year improvement for two back-to-back months, according to statistics released by U.S. research firm Descartes Datamyne. In the first four months (January-April), 5,063,734 TEUs were moved on the trade, which increased a minute 0.8%. 

Looking at containers handled in April by origin, the Descartes Datamyne statistics, which had been compiled with Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) and bill of lading (B/L) data provided by the U.S. Customs and Boarder Protection (CBP), indicated that those from China decreased 2% to 732,334 TEUs, suffering the first year-on-year contraction in six months. In contrast, shipments from South Korea rose 3.5% to 136,206 TEUs, helping the nation finish in second place. Those from Taiwan, which held the third largest share of the pie, surged 20.7% to 84,145 TEUs. Ranked fourth were those from Vietnam, which grew a more notable 33.2% to 72,178 TEUs. Exports from Japan declined 1.4% to 44,208 TEUs, but including transshipment (T/S) containers, the overall volume of shipments from Japan climbed 3.5% to 58,415 TEUs, based on volumes measured at destinations. Looking at 10 major items, auto-related rubber products decreased from a year earlier, but furniture, machinery and electronic appliances were all brisk.


Source: JIFFA


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