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APL’s EXX service performance report

APL says its updated Eagle Express X (EXX) service has achieved an a great performance in recent weeks.

Presenting the results, APL marks the following:

  1. 100% cargo availability within 5.5 hoursa from start of vessel operations at TraPac
    New target: <8 hours
    Previous target: <12 hours
  2. Average truck turn time of 36 minutesa for equipment returns and pick-up at TraPac – way lower than the industry average of 76 minutesb
    New target: <40 minutes
    Previous target: <50 minutes
  3. An average of 8 hours 18 minutesa more than published ETA, for vessel on-time performance (OTP) to LA
    New target: 0 hours late for vessel arrival in LA, per published schedule down to the minute
    Previous target: >90% on time
  4. 99.5%c on-time arrival via EXX RailFlash from China to U.S. inland destinations
    Existing target: 100% on time

aData based on shipments booked on published Shanghai ETDs between 28 June – 19 July 2019
bHarbor Trucking Association (HTA) data as of 2 July 2019
cData based on shipments booked on published Shanghai ETDs between 21 June – 12 July 2019


APL says in its announcement: “For complete visibility, we are making the KPI measurements transparent to all our customers via www.apl.com/exx.

Click to download EXX’s latest weekly-updated performance report here, and visit www.apl.com/exx for the KPIs set and measured for EXX, voyage by voyage, every week.”



Source: APL


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