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SeaLand Updates AC Services

To improve SeaLand’s product offering and optimize the Latin America / West Coast South America network, we’re modifying the AC network as of May 2018. The service’s two re-designed rotations will provide greater port coverage.

The optimized network will deliver greater value to SeaLand’s customers offering a better market coverage, direct services, combined with a vast network across the Americas.

Other benefits of the new AC network includes:

•    New call in Mejillones (Chile) offering connectivity to all the Americas via our SeaLand hub in Balboa.

•    Direct service from Mexico to Chile providing comprehensive port coverage including San Antonio, San Vicente, Antofagasta and Iquique.

Effective in May, the new re-designed services will be:

AC1: Valparaiso, Mejillones, Callao, Balboa

AC2-AC3 Pendulum:

Loop1: Manzanillo (Mexico), Lazaro Cardenas, Balboa, Buenaventura, Callao, Iquique, Antofagasta, San Vicente, San Antonio

Loop 2: Manzanillo (Mexico), Lazaro Cardenas, Balboa, Buenavenutra, Manzanillo (Mexico)

To download the map of the AC1, click here, and to download the AC2-AC3 Pendulum map, click here

Source: Sealand

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