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New rail connection between Cervignano and Rostock

Port of Trieste is expanding its connection with the Northern European markets. In Friuli Venezia Giulia, a new rail link has been inaugurated between the Cervignano transit center in the province of Udine and Rostock. The Austrian transport company truck Walter is responsible for the transport of goods on the Adriatic-Baltic axis.

The German logistics and rail transport company Kombiverkehr is providing a 550-meter train, which will run the 1,300-kilometer route in both directions three times a week. This will move 200 trucks from the road to the rail. The journey time is 22 hours. In view of the strong interest, it is expected that soon one train per day will run on the Cervignano-Rostock axis. Truck Walter has countless customers in the entire northern Italian and Slovenian region, for whom the company based in Wiener Neudorf handles transport and logistics.

“We want to use the border crossing at Tarvis more for goods traffic by rail. In contrast to the Brenner, the Tarvisian border crossing is less affected by passenger traffic. It is a corridor that can be used more extensively for transporting goods by rail, “said President of the Port of Trieste Zeno D’Agostino in an interview with the APA.

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