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Qingdao Port Actively Promoted Development of Modern Logistics

Modern logistics is a important strategic goal to implement the structure of reform of supply side. Qingdao Port perseveringly played the role of hub and core in the whole logistics, to expand lost of businesses integrated one-stopped whole-process logistics with ‘Door-to-Door’mode, consisting of stevedoring, transportation, shipping agency, freight forwarding, CFS, bonded, warehousing, inspection, distribution, trading, futures and financing, reaching more than 60 of formats.

The shipping agency has succeeded to gained 49 shipping lines agents, which ranked the first position in Qingdao. In case of CFS business, we set up three new CFSs, namely, Ganglianhua, Ganglianhai and Dongjiakou Shenzhou Branch, increasing the joints venture of CFSs to 8, forming a layout with crossing both sides of Qianwan Port Area and stretching to Dongjiakou Port Area. The volume of handling containers occupied more than 40% in Qingdao, ranking the No. 1 in Qingdao, which is more than 3 times as much as the second place.


To integrate the internet conception with modern logistics systems, we mightily promoted the construction of public service platform, attracting businesses agglomeration. The Settlement Center will put the import charges into the platform, normalizing the rule of port fee charge, completing the project I of the logistics platform named “Yungangtong”, where is over 20,000 trucks enrolled, to achieved moving the terminal transportation business from offline to online, laying a solid foundation of the truck go and return with loading fully. The dangerous cargo management platform ran, to achieve a comprehensive connection with production system. Additionally, there are 300 factories enrolling on it, to guarantee to promote the big data analysis of marketing.

Importantly, the conception of modern logistics improved and integrated in the port. Qingdao Logistics and Shihua Company worked together, the volume of shipping agency and freight forwarding ranked the first position in Qiangdao, cooperating with Qiangang Branch and QDOT completed the volume of shipping agency of foreign trade ranked the first position in Qingdao, teaming up with Xianlian Company to expand the competitive inland, achieving a new record of shipping agency with Dagang Company, to promote raw wool short transport from wharf apron to CFS with Dongjiakou Brach and Tongbao Company, to consolidate the freight forward of steel, paper pulp and caustic soda flakes, combining the Financing Company and Yongli Insurance Company to provide finance service and insurance service, providing fuel oil to truck fleets with Tongda Company.

Qingdao Port implemented an unprecedented strategy, boosting the port upgrade from traditional stevedoring services to the whole logistics service suppliers.

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