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ONE improves transit time of ALX1 Service

ALX1 Service: ONE improves transit time to catch “Cherry season” from Chile

ONE is pleased to inform you about changes in AX1 service that will reduce the transit time from Valparaíso to Hong Kong from end of Nov’2018 till early Jan’2019 (by departure week).

This will improve the transit time for fresh fruit to Hong Kong as follows;

From/To: Valparaiso/Hong Kong: 23 days

The change of rotation will start as from week 47th with vessel Cochrane 840W with the following sequence of voyages:

Vessel                                Voy                                ETA Valparaiso                                ETA Hong Kong
COCHRANE                         840                                      20/11/2018                                              14/12/2018
COYHAIQUE                       841                                       27/11/2018                                               21/12/2018
CISNES                                 842                                        4/12/2018                                               28/12/2018
CORCOVADO                      843                                      11/12/2018                                                   4/1/2019
MOL BEYOND                    844                                      18/12/2018                                                 11/1/2019
CAUTIN                                845                                      25/12/2018                                                18/1/2019
CAUQUENES                      846                                        1/1/2019                                                   25/1/2019


The Red colour symbolizes “good luck” in China and carries an auspicious meaning specially during the winter months leading up to Chinese New Year. Hence, it’s a little wonder why dark red cherries are so popular in China during these winter weeks. There is cherry season in Chile — it’s starts around early Dec, which is a great time to sell any fruit in China; mainly intended as “gifts” to near and dear ones. Since last few years Chilean Red Cherries have managed to carve a niche for itself in Chinese market due to its attractive dark red colour, superior taste and quality of the fruits. The popularity of Chilean cherries has soared to new heights in China with the development of global trade and e-commerce platforms which now enables more people in the mainland to purchase this luxury fruit through the internet.

According to customs data, Chilean cherry exports reached a record 184,809 tonnes during the 2017/18 season; out of which as much as 80 percent to 85 percent of the country’s cherry output is shipped to China. Chilean cherry production volumes are projected to double in the next five years due to aggressive new plantings, particularly in the south of the country, a switch to more productive varieties with a longer post-harvest life and the implementation of new technologies to improve orchard management and protection.

This adjustment is done by fast sailing and temporary change of port rotation which helps the fruit to arrive faster to the retail shelves and in top quality condition; thereby enabling exporters to earn higher prices for their cherries in Chinese market. According to Chilean Cherry Committee, Quality and consistency is the key to a successful future in China and with new product ONE has demonstrated its commitment to perishable produce industry and flexibility to adapt to new challenges by providing innovative solutions.

Source: ONE


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