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Maersk Line, changes in booking information

Maersk Line:

To improve your booking experience and the quality of our invoices, we will be implementing a new policy in two phases on June 18th 2018 and July 16th 2018.

Changes effective 18th June 2018

  • Before confirming the booking, if a specific product requested is not available or if there is any ambiguity with the price owner, contract, named account (NAC) or commodity, we will ask you to confirm these information.
  • We will proactively request your approval, in case of doubt, to ensure the accuracy of our invoices and limit any assumptions.
  • We will also send reminders (as described below) that will happen effective 16th July.
  • By verifying all information changes upfront, we will ensure that the booking information is correct

Changes effective 16th July 2018

For any new bookings placed with us on or after July 16th, no amendments will be allowed after the container is picked up on any of these items:

  • Named account
  • Price owner
  • Contract
  • Commodity

Note: For commodity changes, we will not change the commodity code but only modify the description on the Bill of Lading to ensure customs’ compliance.

We aim to provide you with an easier and smoother process to ensure there is stability of parameters and avoid potential disputes in future.

In case of questions, feel free to contact your local customer service representative .


Source: Maersk Line