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JNPT plans edible oil refinery

Mumbai: The nation’s largest container port JNPT is planning to host an edible oil refinery to maximise revenue and ensure captive cargo, a top port official said Monday, Nov. 5.

The state-run port already has a liquid cargo terminal in addition to the four container terminals off the city’s east coast.

“We have received an expression of interest from edible oil players for setting up a refinery on our land. It is a good way to earn revenue by giving out our land for the same,” acting chairman Neeraj Bansal told reporters.

He said the land will be leased out on a long-term basis and it will also be beneficial for the port as it will give it captive cargo.

The raw material for the refinery will be imported from abroad and a considerable part of the finished products will be sent out through the sea, Bansal said, pointing to the cargo possibilities that come along with a port.

Port sources said a six-acre plot has already been identified for the refinery project.

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