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Indian grape exports to Europe rise

According to Apeda, 9,810 tons of Indian grapes have left for Europe and as the season progresses, more containers are expected to be shipped.

Grape growers are aiming to increase exports this season by around 20%, despite the recent spell of colder conditions in Maharashtra. While exports to Europe have begun in a small way, exporters expect to ship around 250,000 tons of grapes to the European Union this season, an improvement of at least 50,000 tons over the previous season.

Jagannath Khapre, president of the Grape Exporters Association, said that some 5,526 tons have been shipped to Netherlands, followed by 1,901 tons for the UK and 1,781 tons for Germany, so far. India has shipped its first consignment of grapes to China and Australia, which have opened to the Indian market for the first time.

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