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FREBS Marine International, Universal Cargo System

The international container shipping industry is being transformed because the original business models are proving inadequate.

Expending $ Billions on building bigger ships and extending ports is not sufficient. New business models are emerging to meet the pressure on
costs and to handle increasing volumes. Disruptive technology is already here and is being implemented fast.

Failure to adopt these trends could be disastrous to the shipping industry. The Universal Cargo System, which has been designed for ships and
docks, has many indisputable advantages in comparison even with the largest container ships which still use the original concept of stacking containers (full or empty) on board lifted to/from trucks and trains on the dockside.

UCS has many significant advantages with considerable savings in
time – space – cost – energy – pollution

The major benefits compared with existing ships are :
UCS will solve congestion, which is the major issue facing all ports today.
UCS uses autonomous feeder ships and barges and will revolutionise the handling of all types of cargo.
UCS can be used universally in suitably equipped ports and harbours.
UCS will ensure significant savings in turnaround time, with reduced costs in port handling.
Today there is a huge ongoing investment in increasing the capacity of ports worldwide.
UCS will reduce the need to build and expand ports and docks which ensures savings in land use and avoids ongoing dredging.

UCS is
THE solution to many problems facing the world’s shipping industry

The Supply Chain is shortened

Port Congestion is minimised

Turnaround times are reduced significantly

Michael Freeland CEO states :-
“ My company has designed the Universal Cargo System utilising autonomous feeder ships and barges combined with existing docks and
“FREBS ship designs will ensure the more efficient and greater utilisation of containers.”
“I am convinced that utilising the FREBS ships together with suitable dock handling facilities could significantly improve the overall efficiency at ports
handling cargo & containers ships worldwide.”

“The FREBS system is suitable for handling all types of cargo and accessing ports of all sizes. The most important parts of the ship design
are patented. ”

“I have developed designs for several sizes and variations of cargo/container ship and barge as well as for modified dock handling

“The Universal Cargo System could quickly become the worldwide standard.”

FREBS Marine International Ltd is now seeking to licence the IP to major cargo shipping lines and to international port operators.
In order to preserve the integrity of the IP of the Universal Cargo System interested companies are invited to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement and
return this duly signed by an Executive Director.


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Source: Frebs Marine Intl

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