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EMG Automation to support Abu Dhabi Port

In keeping with the successful conclusion of 2018, a major ADT project involving 54 ARMG (Automated Rail Mounted Gantry) and 10+2 STS (Ship-To-Shore) cranes was awarded indirectly to EMG and SIBRE.

This project is the second construction phase of the Khalifa Port Terminal. ADT is the operator of this prestigious container port in Abu Dhabi, which opened in 2006 and now has an annual capacity of 2.5 million TEU. Khalifa Port is the first semi-automated port with the highest growth rates in the world.

The Finnish crane manufacturer Konecranes won the contract for the 54 ARMG cranes, while the 10+2 STS cranes went to China to the market leader ZPMC. SIBRE and EMG jointly convinced the end operator ADT of their own technology and decided in favour of the service brake equipment for both crane types. A total of 108 ELDROclassic® type Ed 80/6 are used for the ARMGs as well as 192 ELDROclassic® type Ed 30/5, 12 Ed 80/6, 12 Ed 125/7 and 48 Ed 201/12 from EMG, with the corresponding disc brakes from SIBRE, for STS cranes.

Schematic diagram: ELDROclassic® installed in a brake


Source: EMG Automation

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