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APL, Trans-Pacific Market Update

Trans-Pacific Market Update:
Follow-up advisory on the extreme weather impact of Canada on APL’s intermodal cargo operations in the North America

In recent months, Canada has been plagued with extreme weather conditions which caused operational disruptions across the Canadian National Rail Network (CN), and affected APL’s intermodal cargo flow through Canada in the North America region (eastbound and westbound).

We are pleased to inform that with the improvement in the weather conditions now, operations at CN has also recovered, with the following updates:

  • An improvement in access fluidity at the various ocean terminals in Canada (i.e., Halifax, Prince Rupert and Vancouver) because of reduced congestions and better weather conditions; and
  • A significant reduction in container dwell times for intermodal trains on CN which has provided much-needed ramp space, and afforded greater capacity for additional cargo on the rail network

The APL import team will continue to work closely with terminal partners, and to review the situation on a daily basis, in order to ensure that your shipments are moved on time and without further delay.

For more updates of the situation, kindly visit the CN Customer News web link at https://www.cn.ca/en/customer-centre/stay-informed/customer-news


Source: APL

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