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APL, Changes at Global Gateway South – GGS

Please note this important announcement regarding the following changes at Global Gateway South Terminal – L.A. (GGS-San Pedro).

EX1 Service
Effective immediately, the vessel and export receiving cutoff at Global Gateway South Terminal – L.A. (GGS-San Pedro), for the EX1 service have been implemented in order to improve the operational efficiency of the terminal.
Previous DRY cut: Tuesday – 1600 hours
Previous Reefer cut: Wednesday – 0200 hours
New DRY cut: Monday – 1600 hours (when vessels are on base)
New Reefer cut: Monday – 1600 hours (when vessels are on base)
All vessel cutoffs for dry/reefer cargo is 24 hours prior to vessel arrival, 1st or 2nd shift.
First receiving is 7 calendar days from vessel arrival on 1st or 2nd shift.
The impact of these changes have adjusted the EX1 service cutoff base schedule to be advanced by one full day.
V/V Service ETA ETD 1st MTY Dispatch 1st Receiving Dry Cutoff Reefer Cutoff
APL Singapore SPO 212 EX1 12/7/17 6:00 12/9/17 17:00 11/21/17 7:00 11/28/17 7:00 12/6/17 2:00 12/6/17 2:00
APL Thailand THI 211 EX1 12/13/17 6:00 12/15/17 5:00 11/28/17 7:00 12/6/17 7:00 12/12/17 2:00 12/12/17 2:00
APL Philippines PHI 212 EX1 12/19/17 18:00 12/21/17 17:00 12/5/17 7:00 12/12/17 18:00 12/18/17 16:00 12/18/17 16:00
APL China CHI 213 EX1 12/26/17 18:00 12/28/17 17:00 12/12/17 7:00 12/19/17 18:00 12/22/17 16:00 12/22/17 16:00
EMS Appointment System
Per today’s eModal advisory, effective Monday, December 18th, EMS will begin strictly enforcing import delivery appointments.
The EMS appointment system has a 2 hour block with 30 minute early and 30 minute late grace period. For those drivers attempting a dual transaction, it is strongly urged not to come in under the late grace period as timely service may be at risk.
EMS is committed to providing a reliable product and efficient operations so theyare unable to allow appointment exemptions as that will directly impact servicing other customers already in the terminal who have appropriately complied with the EMS appointment system.
Please remember that Live Reefers are exempt from appointments and wheeled containers are eligible for early delivery as long as there is a valid future appointment on file.
Source: APL


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