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12 cargo trains run weekly between Zhengzhou and Hamburg (Xinhua)

(Xinhua) — With the departure of a cargo train on Monday, the number of such trains between central China’s transport hub Zhengzhou and Hamburg of Germany rose to 12 every week.

The train loaded with 904 tonnes of goods such as computers and machinery parts left Putian station in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan Province Monday night.
The increase in trains marked the expansion of transport capacity on the Zhengzhou-Hamburg rail service, Zhengzhou Railway Bureau said.

Previously, ten trains operated between the two cities every week.

Zhengzhou opened its first freight train route to Hamburg in July 2013. The number of cargo trains has increased dramatically under the Belt and Road Initiative.

The exported goods come from east China’s manufacturing bases including the Yangtze and Pearl river deltas. Imports come from 121 cities in 24 countries.
A number of Chinese cities have opened similar container freight trains to central Asia and Europe.

Source: Xinhua

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