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1.8m kilos of cucumbers withdrawn in Spain

The general director of Productions and Agricultural Markets of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Esperanza Orellana, revealed on Thursday (Jan. 10) that 1.8 million kilos of cucumbers have been withdrawn from the market since January of last year, and that this has been carried out in an orderly and remunerated manner thanks to the operating funds managed by the Fruit and Vegetable Producer Organizations (FVPO).

She also said that the FVPO have managed the withdrawal of about 800,000 kilos in the second half of December alone, which is when “the situation in the sector has been really bad.” She argued that cucumber prices have been acceptable during 2018, but dropped to really bad levels during the last three weeks of December and the first of January.

She also clarified that these withdrawals are only those managed by the FVPO, without taking into account those carried out by “producers on their own and without resorting to operating funds.”

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